Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Lantern in the Darkness - A day in Qurotunnada

Okay, I'm currently at Starbucks, and I think I've told you that the smell of coffee, vanilla and caramel seduce me to write every time. I am not even capable to explain that, they just do.
I've actually been wanting to write about this for a week or so, but due to sickness and some wifi and homework problem here and there, I just couldn't do any of my wishes justice. 

-I'm sorry this i out of context, but the cutest kid just wen't behind me as I was trying to fix my hair on photo booth. He wants to be on the photo, okay? there he is.. 

I look like shit, but he's so adorable, we just need him here. 

Let's go back. 

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were frustrated. We were assigned a CSR project by our professor, Mrs. Amelia Naim. It's actually a sustainability project to teach us to 'give back'. The due date is in two days from now and honestly, we couldn't plan too much with the availability of each member and the short due date. Mrs. Naim then gave us a lovely option of going to see one of her mates in Bogor, a foundation called Qurotunnada. I contacted the man a couple of times and with my group's super desperate measure, Shidqi Dwi Prasetyo, William Vacher and I decided to go there. 
Another three of my classmates, Tanya Tumbelaka, Cedric Adruin and Phil Djaelani tagged along as they were too, short of options. 

The road to Bogor is not short. I stopped myself from expecting too much. Often, I set my hopes up just to have them shattered. I don't know if I was doing it only for the sake of the project, but I knew deep inside that I personally need it. I've been blowing papers way out of proportions, sometimes just for the sake of looking like I'm capable. I've realized that I don't, in fact, fucking care what other people think of me. I now know that whatever I do from now on, the only one I need to impress is myself. I don't have the courtesy to say this, but I feel like the lesson is needed also by my friends. Going to an International School that costs $5000/semester might get into you sometimes, we can afford most of things we don't even need, we don't think about how much we spend on lunch and going to Qurotunnada might've showed us why we should.

Qurotunnada is a foundation that holds schooling program that helps to manage kids from below the poverty line all over Bogor. The founder, Mr. Avi, is a geologist that divides his time between work, family and managing the foundation. The most amazing thing about the foundation is that, while holding the Islamic Values, it doesn't force the kids to follow all the stereotypes that most Islamic Schools and Foundations have, they manage the ambitions of each kids and help them pursue it. For example, when the kid is really into Soccer/Football, then they won't sent them to a normal school, instead, they would be sent to a Football School and English Courses. I find it so amazing how they do that.
Upon our arrival, I noticed how I have expected way less than what was presented. These kids were very civilized, they were clean and lovely. They welcomed us with open arms, they performed for us and asked us to sit with them while having lunch. 

it's one of those sundays I woudn't have traded for anything. Usually my weekends consist of wasting money on things I don't look good after putting on the second time, and wandering around malls looking for things I regret buying afterwards. I'm glad my weekend money was given to make sure some talented kids will have, at least, the courage to go after what they dream of. 

So Long Qurotunnada, Thank You!

x, Nessie

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