Friday, May 3, 2013


Can taste the salt dripping down my chin,
My eyes are swollen, barely awake,
Teeth gritted keeping me composed,
But I am tired, I just am tired.

Long day it's been, wish I'd rest soon,
It felt gruesome, all under the moon,
Kept my lips tight but that's just as fatal,
Ran, I've had enough sharp words for the day. 

My blades shake and trembles in pain,
Crooked on the floor, questioning my sanity,
No attendance needed, it's no one's bones but mine,
I hear screams, I'm sure they're not just in my head.

I believe they awakened the devil in me,
What an angel becomes when you crush her part, 
I went for the small talk but I'm just not well,
Everything I said can and will be held against me.

Sneak peak of a sharp old friend,
Told my self never again we'll be involved,
But the alteration is oh so very tempting, 
I'm tired and most pain felt better seen.

I'm tired, I just really am tired.

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