Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friends or Foe?

 Good day everyone, it for-some-reason is a public holiday, making it the longest weekend so far this year. I need to inform you that I'm writing this post in a barely-awake state. Basically today I went to see my two close friends, Ruthfi and Lygia. We were supposed to meet at 1, but Ruthfi was late for four hours, and Lygia and I waited so so bored. We were talking of course, but we had time to charge three phones, have that figured!
I ordered myself the Mocha Cookie Crumbled Cappuccino thingy, it was heaven in a cup, and basically trashed my table, like all the time I do when someone gives me a straw covered in paper thing. 

Ruthfi then showed up and we got to have our plan of going to PIM altered since it was pretty late. She made us get our asses out of Starbucks and go out so she could smoke. 
I'm then, being the responsible and considerate girl that I am, saved Ruthfi two minutes of her life when I broke her cigarette for no absolute concrete explanation. I don't need to explain the danger of a ticking bomb, we all know, she should know too.

Not going to the center of Jakarta's shoppaholic nest, we went for karaoke instead. It was insane, from Backstreet Boys to Simple Plan to Mayday Parade to Muse and Kings of Leons, we got them all covered.

Then I basically spluttered my non-existent trust-fund all over The Body Shop and spent over $100 on those no-animal-involved bullshit products of theirs, but let's forgive me and not talk about my unpopular decision, everybody makes mistake, everybody has those days. *Hannah Montana flashback*
I'm really glad I got to spend some time with them. These girls have their fair share of my majestic high school days and I'm sure enough I want them to have a portion of my remaining days.

On that note, I think I'm done squinting my eyes trying not to fall asleep while writing this, Good goofy night, I shall dream of another wedding with that strange man who was obsessed with Muse I was marrying in my last dream, he's pretty cool. 

xx, nessie

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