Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dance Again - An Original Crap

I don't know if I like all of my work. Nonetheless of the result, I hold a special key of a story that builds each of them. You see, when I write a song, or a poem, if they don't come straight from my personal life, I made up a story that's insanely graphic in my head. A love story isn't just "Oh this girl likes this guy but then he likes someone else so she's heart broken" but it's "A girl living in a small town, living with her sick mom alone, who was ill since her husband left her. She has trouble forgetting the night her father left with his suitcase, the smell of leather jacket and everything she thought a man should be like. A boy in the wrong side of the track, has forgotten what love is, his two perfectly in-love parents have never fought but nor have they ever shown any interest in him. His perfect little brother stopped respecting him the day nobody else in the house do. His confusion over the basic idea of love drives him away from anybody who tries to love him. His relationships have new seen the same moon twice, and he chases shallow girls for nothing more than time passing."
That does not stop there, I have names, characteristics, relatives, life-scenes and all that planted in my head. It's a scary thing how different mind works, but all these stories make me feel like I'm a part of the tale, it makes me feel involved.
The ending, is always unwritten and always the best part of the tale, because nobody ever know, nobody but me.

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