Sunday, May 19, 2013

7 Minutes of 2 Weekends Recap

So I have 7 minutes before my bed time, I have a lot of things that went on unwritten this couple of weeks. After the whole fiesta we had, Ruthfi and Lygia took turn sleeping over at my house, Ruthfi on friday, and Lygia on saturday because she needed to do her final work for uni and her internet connection was undependable.
That night wasn't much of a blur, I missed dinner because they didn't serve veggies or fish, all my mom had was Chicken Cordon-Bleu, and I don't eat chicken nor beef anymore. I am so used to skipping dinner, actually, it's not called skipping if I don't even eat dinner 90% of the time. That's exactly why I had completely forgotten that I hadn't eaten anything, oh wait, I actually drank a bottle of yoghurt. Then at 12am, I made a couple cups of coffee for me and Lygs then went to bed. After a while my stomach went ballistic and I got food poisoned. I puked all over my bathroom like 7 times that night, completely missed my resting time, I went out of my room at 7.30, slept on the couch and woke up at nine to drive myself to saturday lesson without eating because I was too scared to eat.

All is better now though, I'm still scared to let caffeine in my system, but I feel so much better.

Today, my little sisters and I had a water war, it was hilariously fun, I won after like 2 hours, collected all their guns and left them with no weapon. It was exhausting yet so funny.

Neen didn't join for some reason, I don't really know, but I've been missing water game, the inner 3-year old in me just needs to have it done, okay? Don't judge.

A minute left off my 7 minutes of two weekends recap blog post.
I think that I'll end this one right now, with a quote from Flynn Ryder,
"Frying Pan! Who knew right?!"

xx, nessie

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