Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prediction, oh Prediction

Today was just another thursday, among the other busy days in this hectic week, I thought that it would be the less interesting. I went to campus at 12, aiming to reach the building in an hour, no surprise, my prediction was spot on. Funny thing about the word "prediction", it is officially the word of the day. In the Organizational Behaviour (OB) class today, we discussed about prediction. Tanya's group presented a case that basically is only about prediction. It's interesting how the human brain works, aye? we predict things, but some people, like myself, are most times too scared to say them out loud, refuse the embarrassment if we're wrong, yet gritted our teeth in regret if we're right.

But sometimes it takes the turn we didn't bother to predict. I predicted that today would be just another boring thursday, it wasn't exciting, but it definitely was not boring. You see, my father, a few weeks ago, predicted that my car would be in another accident. I might not say it out loud, but I refused to let him be right, so I've been so very careful in driving, just to proof him wrong. One thing that I didn't think further was my decision in forcing my sister to drive. When I first started driving, I was forced to be able to drive because that's the only way I could go to campus. It was terribly scary and heart-pumping, but a starter is most times more careful than an expert, and therefore the most dangerous ones are the starters who thinks like an expert. Oh no, I'm no expert myself, in fact, I let a few cars scraped my car (Jazzy), but I have never and hopefully will never crash into someone or something.

My sister had another timeline, today as she tried to line up through the Highway-gate, she for some reason hit the gas instead of the break, I tried to warn her in the split second available for me to scream, but she panicked, I felt a big force and sound of a big metal slamming onto other big metal, it was really fast, and she has crashed into a poor old man's car.

Leaving him with a quite major dent on his car, she told me to stay in the car while she came out and talk to the old man. I honestly felt quite bad because he seemed very genuine and kind to her, telling her to calm down and asked her if Jazzy was fine, which she isn't. My father gave us then, a long lecture about his prediction and how his prediction never missed, and he predicted I'd hit someone soon, too.
Gee, thanks Dad.

Well, what a thursday. All is fine now, Jazzy is still alive, which is all I care about. I didn't lose any body part in this accident, and the poor old man and his wife are also alive and healthy for a few more good years. Kidding. Bless that man.

I predict now, that I would be asleep as soon as I close this laptop. My back is aching and I'm extremely exhausted. But, today has taught me a lot more than any other days in the week so far. So, never underestimate the power of the ol' boring Thursday.

Good night!
xx, nessie

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