Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hey little girl,

I know a diamond lies inside you,
But the lights are frozen in your eyes.
The gem, though, reflects, do not shine,
Reflects the heart that used to be alive.

The world says hello, but you've ran out of trust,
I, too, have turned all I ever love into dust.
Swallowed by your fear, the crowd isn't there,
But it's eating you down the depth of your desire. 

Your frowzy mind is once untouched,
An affluent passion handing you the world. 
But you must've taken me the wrong key,
Little girl, have you seen what has become of me?

Little girl, keep that vivacious smile, 
Fear not, I won't have you exiled.
The cold is, though, starting to burn me, 
Can't close my eyes, but I still can't see.
Dream away, I hope you're fine, 
Your bed time will show you no pain.


© Nasreen A Judge 2013. 
All Rights Reserved.

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