Saturday, March 16, 2013

This Runaway

A candle,
Burning what's within me,
Not another word I'll say, 
Not another tear I'll shed. 

Where you're not wanted, 
Is where you should never be,
Not another chance I'll take,
In the place I can only break.

So give it up, let me go.
Give it up, I will go.

From tonight, 
We will never ever be the same, 
Strangers danger is a game,
You won't like till you try, right?
We'll defy gravity, 
Break all the rules while at it,
We're the dust, in the air, 
Swept by the wind in this runaway.

See, they worry, 
Of something that was never me.
I'm not an angel but I'm not bad,
I won't wake in pain, feeling shame.

Now, It's us,
Those who were never theirs to keep,
Night by night we'll stay like this,
Dream to dream and kiss to kiss.

Pity those who stay in cage,
Wondering what could have happened, 
Those who wandered but was never lost,
Those whose coffins are filled with regrets.

© Nasreen A Judge 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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