Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aye, It's Three-Twenty-Five!

I was honestly going to try to post everything I've posted on my tumblr, here. But but buttt, I think I won't do that. It's boring and I think it's better to do a flash back once a while ? (;
So, desperate reposts are over, the present me is here!
I don't feel like writing, mainly because it's three in the morning or something, too lazy to check.
I hope you're all in dreamland with all the kind Disney characters. We can ask some of the villains to join though, I quite like some. (:
I'll catch you guys in a minute, I need to blog first. Ugh, nerd. :P

Creepy photo of me Noreen took today.
All for you to laugh at now. (:

Have a lovely sunday.
xx, nessie.

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