Saturday, March 30, 2013

Honey Monroe, My Love.

The dose of sanity I've been taking is boring me out. I have been too normal these days and I can't take it anymore. I know awesome people don't need companionship to be awesome, but I'm not going to lie that life hasn't been the funnest without my friend(s). Everybody has got their own schedule and things, even those who calls me best friend, would come to me when they need someone, not when I need them. Those are terrible thoughts, especially when I have never thought of them that way, and was always so willing to try to help. But when everyone grows up, this little part of life called nature just forces you to, as well. I'm not going to grow up as fast, that's just something I chose on my own. I'll prolong my teenage as far as I could, as I would.

That dark story aside, what I meant by me being slightly normal of course also include laughing like a maniac at two in the morning while watching Robert Downey Jr. on Due Date. Genius. I shall also share my current favorite cookie,
I'm sorry for my hobo-class-time look. That's how I look most days at the campus, and some days, believe it or not, I look worse. They're the Quaker Oats cookies and m favorite is the Apple Cinnamon cookie. They taste like paradise, and I need a vacation most days ;)

Anyways, that's enough of the terrible long weekend I'll most likely be spending in front of the screen with my guitar, HoMo, (stands for Honey Monroe, no, I'm not a homophobe, in fact, I love HoMo.)
That awkward confession thing being said, I need to leave it to that.
Have a lovely long-weekend.

xx, nessie.

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