Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coffee Shop and Good Music

If you ever visited my tumblr, you are probably aware of how often I visit coffee shops,  not to mention any names, but I go to, mostly, one in particular. Oh, funny to be subjected, I was actually caffeine intolerant just a few years ago. Once I had a regular grande cup of Caramel Frap. and my body started shaking, my heart-rate increased abnormally and I felt like I was going to die, but I.. lived. Heh. I'm quite satisfied with the explanation planted in my head of how i made peace with it; a.) I used to play soccer, a lot, so my heart was constantly pumped, and b.) I gained like a ton of weight, so then there are rooms for more fairies and elves to live inside me, and they share the coffee, so they're not over-drinking it. Yeah, sounds solid.

There's just something about coffee shop, the smell of coffee, caramel and chocolate, the people minding their own businesses, the annoyed and annoying baristas, the comfortable couches and the music. YES, THE MUSIC. Those classical tunes that once in a while stops you from doing whatever you're doing to think, "Damn, I'm downloading this as soon as I get home" or just have you stunned enough to enjoy them. Underrated quality of a great place. I feel like heaven will partly be in a form of a great coffee shop, but idk, we'll see. (:

Ah, that being said, I was once again stranded in the coffee shop just a few hours ago. My little sisters had a hangout session with her friend and I had to play baby-sitter, sacrificing my only day off this week. Beside the awful two hours I spent listening to 7 year-olds singing in karaoke, it wasn't that bad but every second I get to spend with my little sister is every moment I cherish, so there's that.
(I love my Zara buttoned shirt and new Esprit glasses. I don't think I was wearing pants. Kidd)
Okay, I also have no clue why they still ask me to baby-sit, I'm obviously the worst. I let these kids sing locked out of heaven and big time rush. Eeep.

Jokes aside, I was in an accident yesterday, nobody got hurt but Jazzy (my pink car, yes, I name everything I have, get over it). I was very emotional about it, because I have tried very hard to keep the car safe, anger just float all over my body and empowered me as I found the satanic-blue stains. It was raining and a shuttle bus was stopping on the side of the road, right on a turn, and I couldn't go forward because they didn't want to move. I asked them to move and they said there's still a space for me to go on and insisted me to move forward. I should've followed my instinct, but the pressure of everyone honking in the background got to me. I drove forward for about 15 centimeters when Jazzy stopped, telling me both of the cars have touched. The driver shook his head in disbelief that his prediction has missed as he drove away, leaving me in panic and fear. But it's done.

Let's stop there before I ruin my night.

Good Night.

xx, nessie

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