Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Little Sister does My Make Up

Dearest Readers,
I'm genuinely sorry I've been a complete arse, not writing nor posting anything whatsoever for a month. I have not forgotten about you, or this little diary of mine. Life has been pretty hectic for me, between scrolling down the endless pages of Tumblr during every class I have, to mid-term, to figuring out what videos I shall make for every week. I didn't know how handful this things are. Man, being a child trapped in a grown-up world sucks.

Anyways, although my channel on Youtube is pretty random, I couldn't stay away from Make Up altogether. Every 3rd wednesday of the month, I get to post any beauty related stuff in there! This month I decided to do a tag called My Little Sister does My MakeUp!
I basically asked my little sister, Noreen, to do my make up however she likes! I think that beside not knowing what a "palette" is, she's got a pretty great instinct. I can only imagine how good she'll be at it once she's ready for them! In this video you could also catch a glimpse of some of my favorite make up items spread all over my coffee table!
I chose varieties of products from Lipstick, to Lip Liner, to Eye Shadow, Foundation, Bronzer, Powder, Blush, Highlighter, Concealer, Eye Liner, Mascara and Brushes!
There are a few eye shadow palettes in this video, TBS one that I've shown on my Body Shop favorites, Rimmel London's small (but very pigmented) palette, and my favorite, Naked Basics palette, which I adore so so so much. The colors are perfect, not too powdery and very pigmented. I also got 4 Loreal Color Infallible in the colors Sassy Marshmallow, Burning Black, Pebble Gray, and Metallic Lilac. Though the colors are absolutely amazing, I don't know how I feel about how powdery this product is!
 You might have not seen these couple of lip-liners if I hadn't shown you this picture, but they are Yves Saint Laurent and absolutely amazing! I rarely use them, but it's such a great line, I think that they're quite worth it if you're such a lip-liner girl!
HEY LOOK! these are my babies! I know you're not suppose to have favorites, but the THIRD & FORTH rows from left are my favorites! They're also the high end products, like Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy in number 7, Chanel Rouge Allure 06 Silhouette, MAC Ruby Woo & See Sheer, and Benefit's Lip Gloss!
 I also got some travel size Clinique products like spray, make up remover, and mascara (which is absolutely amazing but sadly isn't waterproof :( ) AND a few other exciting things, if you remembered the wish list I made a few months back, I wanted a Wake Me Up foundation, Rimmel Bronzing Powder and the Stay Matte Powder, I got them all! YEAY! They're absolutely amazing, I just wish Rimmel would invest a little on packaging, because their products are fantastic, but the packagings aren't so!
My friend Tanya got me the triple tints from Benefit, I have been loving Sun Beam so much, it's just such a nice highlighter, makes my tan skin look very bright and goddess-like. Whilst in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, I got myself that brown mascara from Benefit. I didn't know that by using brown, your eyelashes look a lot more thin and natural. It gives like an after-cry effect, which I really like! 
I have stopped using foundation everyday because I don't want to ruin my skin, so instead, I got a CC Cream from MaxFactor, I think that it works very well and it's very light for college, everyday use.
BELOW IS NOREEN'S LOOK CALLED "Monster Barbie." GO figure why it's called that ;) 

While Noreen is very talented at using amazing products and still turning me looking like poo, I took the opportunity for a revenge and made that angel mouse even prettier (staying away from eyeliner and mascara because I don't want to hurt them big eyes.)
Right is how she turned out! How gorgeous?

Anyways, please watch the video if you'd like, comment and let me know what's your MUST TRY of the month! I love knowing people's favorite products and giving them a try!

x, Nessie

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Europe Collective Haul!

I finally settled down and started going through everything I have bought. Since all the items were still in their own separate shopping bags, I decided to create a brief haul video going through all the places I shopped in. From H&M, Urban Outfitters, River Island, PRIMARK, KappAhl, Lindex etc. I did leave out a few pieces I didn't think was interesting or was at that time being washed, like the pieces in the picture above. I had worn all of them, so I thought it's not as interesting to talk about. They, the "Enjoy Love" top, oversized skull T-Shirt, and burgundy cardigan, are pretty much my favorite though.
These are a few of my favorite purchases in Europe!
 these two cropped top from PRIMARK are too adorable, I can't wait for summer!
okay, I prefer Marvel over DC any days, but I must admit, Bruce Wayne and his multi-billions worth of toys are a little bit appealing  SEXY. So is this snapback I got from H&M! (:
 these high-tops with insoles are absolutely my favorite kind of shoes at the moment. I'm so short, my unsatisfying life just feels more bearable when I have insoles. Hahahah, kidding!
(I apologize that you have to bear looking at my raw-unedited face without any make-up what so ever. I just don't have time to edit it, sorry.)
Anyways, if you'd like to see more things that I have splurged for in Europe, 
watch the below;
Let me know what shop/store that you currently don't have in your country, but would be awesome to expand to your territory? (:
Mine is definitely PRIMARK! 

x, Nessie

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

L'oreal Rouge Caresse & Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick!

Dearest friends, I've now arrived back in Jakarta and it's one busy rainy season for me. Uni is kicking me to constantly be on my feet from early in the morning till late at night. 
One of the things that I mostly did in Europe is SHOPPING. I literally still have loads of shopping bag scattered all over my bedroom floor (thinking of doing a haul on them, but haven't been able to.) 
I've also spoiled myself in Sephora and drugstores with a lot of new make up! I can't do them all at once obviously, let's just review them little by little! (:

I have chosen which of my new buddies I want to review first! 

These 2 pairs of L'oreal Rouge Caresse and Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick!
I had bought both in Amsterdam early in October and the fact that it was autumn there might have clouded my summer-based country's usual preference. I have, though, noticed that Autumn colors look just as good in this rainy season happening in Indonesia. The soft subtle colors just soothes the cold-wet-hard wind outside!
 (L-R : L'oreal Rouge Caresse no. 102, L'oreal Rouge Caresse no. 602, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss no. 10 & Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss no. 107)
Obviously, the first thing you notice about any product is the packaging. Though I found many reviews that despise the packaging of L'oreal Caresse, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I thought it's absolutely pretty and classy, unlike the cheap looking Rimmel (I'm not sure why Rimmel endorses the cheap materials in all of their products) but I think you can clearly see the difference between the two brands' packagings!
LRC is a glossy kind of lippies, LRC 102 is a very subtle pink with a little hint of purple undertone (which is very sweet and suits most skin colors.) LRC 602 is dark blood red, almost brown which looks absolutely gorgeous for fall or other kinds of sweater weather. 
RImmel is a lot more creamy and full, they're the kind of lipsticks you wouldn't want to smear all over your face (or clothes) because they won't go away. Number 10 is a classic red lipstick, it's bright and beautiful (and it makes you look über sexy.) while 107 is a cross between burgundy and plum which I absolutely adore. 
Lasting Power:
LRC is a lot like lipgloss in a stick form, which also means that they last for like 5 minutes (might have exaggerated a little, but you know what I mean) It also means that if you really want to wear them out, you need to carry them in your bag and put them on a few more times throughout the day. While for Rimmel, they last a lot longer (they're called Lasting Power for a reason obviously) which means one lipstick would last you a looong time.
What I like/don't like about the products:
LRC doesn't last that long though they are absolutely beautiful. It is pretty dehydrating and for someone with constant dry lips, I find that quality highly appealing. The packaging looks wonderful, they would look good inside my make-up bag even with high end products (L'oreal always look pricey even though they're only drugstore brand.) I also love the tiny shape of the stick that makes it a lot easier to apply.
Rimmel looks very cheap and smells horrible (I also can't stand the smell of their Appocalips, which is similar but stronger.) I have to try very hard ignoring that cucumber-water smell when I have them on. They are very creamy and the colors are absolutely beautiful (AND they stay on forever.) They are also a bit cheaper than L'oreal though they would last for a longer while. 

Overall, I obviously liked all of them, that's why I bought them. :D
Have you tried any of these? Let me know which one you'd like to try!

x, Nessie

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh Venice..

 Dearest Readers, I've been so overwhelmed lately that at times I'd take a deep breath and take a moment off of this rather realistic world and gallop into this other dimension that allows me to reconnect with my mind and heart. Browsing through my photos tonight, I realized that Venice is kind of a big deal. At that moment, all I knew was that I had a train to catch, apparently taking me to another world-famous landmark that I've seen in a lot of movies that I wasn't able to recall. It all happens very fast, next thing I knew, I was in Venice, going from one alley to another, looking for souvenirs like normal tourists would and taking bunch of photos for my mum who'd love to go. I didn't even have that time to stop and go, "Man, I'm in VENICE.." and I regret that deeply. Venice wasn't as impressive in my memory, but looking back, I knew I didn't bring along some part of myself that would be highly impressed by that place, it was wonderful.
My favorite place in Venice was this book store that claims to be "The Best Bookstore in the World" which I almost agreed with (I didn't spot any Harry Potters in there, sorry.) It's an old store that has bunch of books nobody would probably read anymore. There's no price tags on them, I wasn't sure they were for sale. You can't look for any book specifically, but you can find them, the same way people meet their true love, unplanned. The owner is an old man, greeting everybody who comes in, showing them a 3D painting he has on his right, and an exit in which people can find a staircase made of books. My favorite thing about the store is this place in the back that looks like an entrance but there's only river in front of the door, which means at some point in the past people would have to be on a boat in order to visit and buy themselves a book. I also love the fact that it's so messy, the lovely old man wouldn't know if someone has brought home one of his books as a souvenir. I didn't buy any of the books because nearly all of them are in Italian and I can assure you there's no space left in my luggage for a book, I did get a few lovely postcards that I highly adore. 
 "What are you doing in Italy if you're not eating at least one gellato ice cream a day?" is the quote-to-live-by here right? or not?
 this is me, looking pretty homeless after a full day out in Venice, 
 Black T-Shirt - H&M
Mocca Jacket - H&M
Dark Blue Jeggings - CoolJeans
Boots - Caprice
Orange Checkered Bag - H&M
Batik Bag in the back - Indonesia
Venice, thank you for the gorgeous day I forgot to be thankful about.
 It was honestly and utterly wonderful. 
x, Nessie

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paris Je T'aime

Dear Friend:
It's quite early here in Paris, but I've decided to write and let you know that I am well, and hope you are enjoying the same great blessing. 
Paris is a city like no other, I've now seen, touched, felt, breathed the majestic air that's been glorified by so many of the fairest before. As a child, I could only dream that one day I'd be able to see the magical tower with my own eyes, how big it is, how tall, where is it placed, how far can you see it from and whether or not it is touchable. Boy was I wrong, Paris is not only just about a beautiful tower placed in the middle of the city. 
Paris is filled with poise, class and culture. The air that you breathe in does not feel the same, they're richer, valuable and fulfilling, as if it's your undying gratitude to be able to take them inside your system for a short-while. It's almost like there's a border between what people would recognize as a famous land-mark for tourists and this vivid dimension where people like me, got carried away by this dream-like ambiance that surrounds this city. I enjoyed almost every millisecond that I've spent here, from walking inside the famous Notre-Dame Church, eating Sandwiches and Croissant in small restaurants, sitting under the Eiffel Tower for 5 hours, watching a ceremony in Arc De Triomphe, shopping and strolling down the Avenue des Champ Elysees, running around Louvre in the rain, visiting Grand Mosque of Paris and spending nights walking around in the cold, trying to get the most out of Paris for the short period of time that I am here for. I love this place and I'll be back one day.
Lace Black Top - GinaTricot
Dark Blue Jeggings - CoolJeans
Mocca Coloured Jacket - H&M
Boots - DocMarten
Sunnies - H&M
Bag - Proenza Schouler
 I've only got a little more time before leaving, I'm sure you'd love this place as well if you ever visited. If you have, tell me I'm right and which part of Paris was your favorite. 
From Paris with Love,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Madam Tussauds!

Well hello there everyone! I have travelled from the faraway land of Oulu to the (slightly warmer) land of Amsterdam! We arrived on Tuesday, very late at night, and my body feels like it's just going to mutilate itself. After a few hours of sleep, we woke up and was ready to start our day in this majestic land. Sandih, my cousin, was free for the day to go with us around (he's a fancy flight attendance.) So, Tanya, Neen, San and I went to the world-famous Madam Tussauds. This should be surprising that I had never visited any of the Madam Tussauds before.
If you're like me, hadn't been to Madam Tussauds before, it's basically a wax museum, (I should probably stop describing it as I'm sure everyone's been there and I'm making a fool of myself) and I had a bit too much fun with all the creepy famous-human-like figures. Oh, did I say that there's a lot of Celebrities just hanging around the wax museum? YEAH, it was THAT famous I guess, here are some of the photos of me taken with them:

here's one of George and I having a cup of coffee while watching a street performer dance. 
(Mr Clooney's not impressed, said he could do better at them splits)
 Here's Justin, kind of mad at the Paparazzi who asked him about *NSYNC (and me getting excited about it too)
 Self explanatory. 
The newest Bond Girl:
 tell me this is not the creepiest thing.
 Selfie with Ronaldinho. 
 I respect Victoria but DAMN.
 Spidey, Save ME!
this is my sister and I on top of Amsterdam's busiest center:
I also went to the Amsterdam Dungeon, 
there were no cameras allowed, but it's such an awesome place! It was very interesting to see theater, history, horror and comedy come together. It's not like gutted scary, more like thrilling. I was very impressed. I loved it, if you were to come to Amsterdam, this is one thing you wouldn't want to miss!
There will be more of Amsterdam coming your way, I will be right on it!
If you live in Amsterdam or have been here, where do you think I should go?

x, Nessie

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bath Time for My Babies!

 Supposedly, you need to clean your brushes once a week, please let me know if I'm not the only one who doesn't get excited to clean their brushes, at all! I am way too lazy and busy to do it weekly, so instead, I do them once in two weeks! If you are one of those people who has full make up on every single day, then I recommend you to do this ritual weekly, but if you're like me, who still hangs on with light coverage and basic make up, I'm pretty sure we'll get by just alright with washing our brushes once in two/three weeks! 
Anyways, I'm here to give some tips on how you shall bathe your babies!
1. Get your self a small bowl filled with warm water. Make sure the water isn't too hot as it may harm your baby. I personally use my Body Shop's Shower Gel to wash my brush as it leaves them really soft and fresh afterwards. I have heard that baby shampoos and a few Dove products are also good choices to clean your brush with! 
2. Pour just enough amount of gel into your water, you'll know whether it's enough or not once you stir them together in step 3.
3. Get the soap and water to mix and see whether they're slimy enough on your fingers. (You don't want the full on guey and thick potion, they should be just enough to make your fingers slimy)
4. Sway the head of your brush in circular motion but do not let the water touch the aluminum part of your brush for it's common knowledge to know what happens to wet aluminum after a while. 
5. One thing that people usually do when they're done with their brushes is to let them stand and dry. This is actually very damaging, because the water that sits on the brush's head would later drip down to the roots and mess with the glue that holds everything together. You then wouldn't be able to keep your brush for a long time. So instead, get a towel and rinse all the brushes. 
6. Let your babies lay naked out there until the wind dries them naturally. (;

SO, to wrap up, never let the water drip on the aluminum part of your brush and roots, rinse and let them dry naturally and do this at least once in 2-3 weeks! This is the Real Techniques - Samantha Chapman Core Collection Brush by the way. Since I'm currently traveling, I find it easy to just bring this, because almost everything is included in this collection! I love it! Better reviews on them later, maybe! For now, I hope you're happy I've shared how I clean my brushes! Let me know if there's more tips on how to do them! 

x, Nessie

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pretty City & Finnish Junk Food

A few days. ONLY four more days left here. I don't know how I feel about this at the moment. All I know is that there's only so much this small city has got to offer, and I have just so little time to try getting all of them ticked. The weather has changed somehow drastically in these past few days. The wind blows a lot harder, everything is a lot colder, the sun sets earlier and takes longer to rise. There are days that I really don't want to go out unless I have to. There's no excuses when we've got this little time though! We went out pretty late as I went to bed really really late the previous night (technically earlier morning) but we did get to go to a few places though! I tried the famous Hesburger and got chicken nuggets, which was lovely. 
White T-Shirt - Divided (H&M)
Jacket - EDC Esprit
Blue Jeggins - CoolJeans
Boots - Caprice
Bag - Divided (H&M)
Tanya's Jacket - H&M
Nazneen's Jacket - Oakley
My adorable new bag from H&M! It's so thin that it fits everywhere, and so big that everything fits in it!
My awesome dinner, Finland's finest Hesburger's Chicken Nugget with Curry Mayonnaise Dip-Sauce!
How's your week been? 
Mine's been a little heart-breaking, fully exhausting, nerve-wracking and packed.
I've been very moody for some reason, sometimes I'm all "YES! Living life at the moment! I'm so excited! Yes!" but then again there are a lot of moments this week that made me just want to bawl my eyes out. I guess it's because I've always been that girl who stays inside her comfort zone in terms of traveling and all that, once I'm settled, it's really hard for me to leave it. BUT I NEED TO. So I'll try as hard as I can to be positive. That's be my resolution for the upcoming month. (:

How's your week been?

x, Nessie