Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey I’m Nasreen
My kindy friends call me Nasreen. My Elementary friends call me either Nesrin or Nessie. My juniorhigh/high school friends call me Nasz. My aunties call me Reen.
I honestly don’t care anymore, or atleast I try not to care. 
But I think I’m most comfortable with either Nessie or Nasz.

Names aren’t important though. Thoughts are. 
That’s what I’m here for. <3

(I’ve got another blog i’ve had for over 2 years I think, but they're both tumblrs, which are great, but it's not as focused, so i thought i'd give blogspot a try. I’m just trying not to reblog as much, and since i’ve got followers on the other blogs who love what i reblog instead of what i actually blog about, so here’s a champagne to my thoughts. please stick around, and do talk to me.)
xx, nessie.

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