Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stronger Valentine's

Dearest Reader,

Here we are again at the brink of a love tragedy for those who has nobody to text "goodnight baby. xo" leading up to tonight because tomorrow. Is. Valentine's. Day.

While I just so happened to have had somebody to spend it with for these past 3 years, I am very familiar with that kick in the gut when you're trying to tell yourself that you'll be fine with or without a man in your life yet jealousy kicks in when you see others getting spoiled with chocolates and roses on this very day. 

And perhaps that's the truth; you're an independent person that needs nobody but your own love and affection, but trust me when I say this: once you see coupley pics starts popping up on your Instagram feed ya'll would want to hurt or burn something. 
I am a business student. And a skeptic.
While I am very much informed about the day being a complete business scam and benefits the dairy and sweets industries massively, I have also came to the conclusion that it's great that there's a day dedicated to love. A day to freely informed your loved ones that they mean a lot to you.

"But you can just say that everyday."

Believe it or not, there are people like myself, who finds it hard to be all lovey dovey and romantically cheesy and gross. So it's great that there's a day that is like a free pass because everyone else will be more cheesy and gross.
There are two things in the title: Stronger & Valentine's.

While we've seen my take on Valentine's. Here's something about Stronger.
Stronger is a brand that is dedicated to making amazing women work out clothes. They are legit the best work out clothes I own in terms of quality and design.
It took two weeks for them to send me a a couple pairs of work out clothes from Sweden, but I swear, it's so worth it.
I have problems with my back that when I wear sport bra, often times my back will be so sore after a couple of hours and all of my sport bras hurt me.

Honestly I had no expectations for this one either, but after wearing it a couple of times, one; on the day I took these photos, and another; when I wore it all day until my Muay Thai class started at 4.30 - 6.00 pm. They didn't hurt AT ALL.

If you're looking to get a great work out clothes, here's their website:
 But anyways, I hope that you'll have a lovely Valentine's, with or without a partner.
Honestly, I get better chocolates from my sister than my boyfriend.
But here's love from myself and my annoying partner in crime, best friend, and boyfriend.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Desk Cleanse

 Cleaning my workspace.

I had pondered and wondered long enough how much tick-tocks will be spent sitting upon this very affordable set of furnitures that I have managed to bring on a long journey from IKEA to Cibubur, the answer would be: enough. long enough.

I like my desk clean, but I'm not in any shape or form, a neat person.
I like to create things, I'm the type of person that stuffs clothing materials inside my closet and would get up at 2 AM to cut them and try to invent a clothing if suddenly I had an idea that comes to mind.
It's a blessing and a curse, I swear.

But here's the thing: I get bored easily.
So I needed to clean, choose, throw away things from my desk that I no longer want in my life in this new, splendid, exciting year.
what changes have you made this year?
tell me! x

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

DIY Christmas / New Year / Holiday Hampers

The days are counting to its closing of the year 2017.
Many smiles that were shared this year was due to a few major parties in your life.
Why not send them a little collection of treats to let them finish their year sweetly.
I was looking around for hampers that I could send to major companies that I've had the pleasure to work with this year. I had no luck because it was last minute.
But you know me, I wasn't gonna give up and DIY isn't something I'm new to.
So I've decided to make my own. ;)
I went to the local gift shop and got:

Colourful Christmas tree ruffles decoration thing
Tin Cans (I got 3 different types)
Jars to put cookies in
Custom Greeting Cards
More Chocolates
Clear Plastic to put everything in
I think they turned out really really cute and I'm happy I decided to not give up on it!
What do you think?

N E S S I E // 2017